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premature infants

  • Accelerated growth & development for premature infants
  • Deeper and more sustained infant sleep
  • Improved cerebral brain function in anoxic brain damaged infants

• Improved neuronal development and synapse formation in normal babies

• Improved infant sleep health thus reducing the numbers of both overweight and underweight children

• Future research on such conditions as Autism, Sensory Motor Integration, and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Based on these new discoveries
A clinical trial is set to begin in 2011 at Oklahoma University Medical Center



We have added the Music Math System™ as part of our therapy for infants who have had brain injury caused by lack of oxygen at birth. Although anecdotal, we have seen increased responsiveness from these infants. We plan to do further studies to determine the extent of this recovery.

- Susan Bedwell, MS, APRN, NCNS-BC OU Medical Center NICU


We began using the MusicMath and BabySleep Systems with one of our chronic NICU patients. To my great surprise,the infant began to sleep so much better and began to focus and concentrate during play. It seemed that since we began using the music, it unleashed his creativity.

- Theresa Frasier BSN, RN OU Medical Center NICU


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