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music math

The Music Math System™ Audio CD Series
featuring the Pitch/Mapping™ technology

A 4-disc progressive series designed to enhance the natural developmental stages, played at 6-month intervals.
  • Designed to stimulate the building blocks for math, language and visual-auditory integration skills
  • Combines sequences of audio tones which can “train” the brain to offer the possibility of enhanced cognition
  • Helps build the foundation for early understanding of:
Spatial Relationships, Symmetry, Distance, Proportion, Motion, Depth Perception, Inclusion, Resolution, Cause & Effect, Binary Relationships, and more.



“The possibilities are vast with this new technology.
We can now offer the concepts of basic MATH and PHYSICS delivered through the use of musical tones – rather than waiting years for language-dependent cognitive development.”
-Jay Oliver
Co-creator of the MusicMath System
and the pitch-rhythm technology



Clinically Observed in the NICU to promote neuronal rejuvenation


“We have added the Music Math CDs as part of our therapy for infants who have had brain injury caused by lack of oxygen at birth. Although currently anecdotal, we have seen increased responsiveness from these infants. We plan to do further studies to determine the extent of this recovery.”
- Susan Bedwell, MS, APRN, NCNS-BC




Introducing the new Pitch/Rhythm Mapping Music Technology
It is important to note that this is NOT music as we know it in a traditional context,but instead precise notes, their placement, their mathematical components, and their sequential movements which are designed to model basic PHYSICS and MATH.

Using this innovative method, emerging anecdotal research shows that the developing infant brain may reorganize the neural pathways, helping to improve cognition and laying the foundation for accelerated learning.






Unlike the “DVD Babysitters” that line the market shelves, the Music Math System simply plays in the background, without disrupting the essential organic stimulus from parent or caregiver.



The difference between the Music Math System™ and Mozart
The Mozart Effect was the result of a study done with college students, not babies. While the findings showed great potential for the power of music, the music’s intellectual component
needs to match the brain of the listener. For an infant or baby, it is our belief that complete works of Mozart’s Classical compositions are far too complex to be fully comprehended.

The current school system teaches only language-based math equations, word problems and memorization. But students need to understand the concepts behind math, and it is a brain function called spatial-temporal reasoning (understanding and being able to SEE the concepts behind math) that helps people visualize and understand a problem at a higher level.

Spatial-temporal reasoning is the ability to think in patterns and pictures, and is crucial in math, especially in proportional reasoning. Einstein said he utilized spatial-temporal reasoning when he wrote down his equations.

The Music Math System™ is designed to enhance spatial-temporal reasoning and thus is more effective than listening to Mozart.



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