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About the SmartWav™ Composers



Founded by William Lenihan, Director of Jazz and Compositional Studies, Washington University, St. Louis and Jay Oliver, Los Angeles based Composer/Producer whose credits include The Eagles, Chick Corea, Dave Weckl, Sheryl Crow, Jimmy Buffett and many others, the SmartWav team has extensive knowledge and understanding of audio and music – from both scientific and cultural perspectives.
Jay Oliver is an extraordinarly talented musician and audio engineer, who was born with perfect-pitch. This gift, combined with decades of experience in music production gives him the
distinct advantage of identifying and understanding not just music but all sonic experience in general.

William Lenihan is a world-recognized music educator, a modern classical and jazz composer in stage, television, documentary and film. He is also a published author of 7 books including comprehensive manuals on musical harmonic structure and language. He is a creator and visionary, and carries a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the power of music.

Together, their 15-year research has uncovered a myriad of new ways to design audio/music recordings that are scientific in nature and design, and also aesthetically pleasing to the ear.

Amongst many attributes, this research has led the SmartWav team to uncover the power of low-frequency sound and its effects upon the body. Within their body of work, they have created the WombEffect™ technology, which is the accurate reproduction of the intrauterine sonic environment. The resulting audio recordings have been shown to a powerful effect on newborn babies, as well as most adults.

Recently, and perhaps more significantly on a global scale, they have conceived, designed and created an innovative progressive audio series that incorporates a new technology called “Pitch/Rhythm Mapping.” This groundbreaking technology has been anecdotally observed at the Children’s Hospital Oklahoma University Medical Center to stimulate “neuronal rejuvenation.”


The SmartWav™ Company

Based in Los Angeles, CA, SmartWav is a new startup company with a big vision. Our mission
is to research, develop, produce and distribute to large markets a new unique new technology,
using audio & scientifically.
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