The Miracle BabySleep System™
featuring the WombEffect™ technology


  • stop crying instantly
  • helps babies feel safe
  • gets babies to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer

The Miracle MusicMath System™
featuring the Pitch/Mapping™ technology

  • offers early learning through a breakthrough new "tonal technology"
  • clinically observed to promote brain wiring*
  • gives your baby an advanced opportunity to understand basic MATH and PHYSICS concepts
The MusicMath System™ CD Set is a new audio/music technology designed specifically to help enhance your baby's cognitive abilities by building new neural pathways in the brain.
More neural pathways and connections in your baby's brain set the foundation for higher intelligence later on.
Unlike the many "DVD-Babysitters" that line the market shelves, the MusicMath System™ Audio Series plays safely in the background as relaxing ambient music, while at the same time encouraging your baby's intellectual development.
Used in hospitals, clinics, daycare centers, and by thousands of parents around the world.
The Miracle BabySleep System™, featuring the Wombeffect™ technology is a highly accurate reproduction of the sound inside the womb, digitally processed to mimic your baby's underwater experience.
Once reminded of the natural sound of the womb, babies can instantly feel safe and fall fast asleep. Included in the BabySleep System is an extended CD disc that can greatly extend your baby's hours of sleep, even sleeping through the night.
Unlike typical baby lullaby products, the BabySleep System uses actual intrauterine audio recordings, digitallty processed to match EXACTLY what your baby heard inside the womb.
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